The Art of
Matthew A. McLellan


  • Mixed media on plywood
  • Abstract
  • 49 1/2 w x 49 1/2 h
  • 2008



Love little kiss quick.
Over work and rush too much.
Run around the neighborhood naked late at night too often.
Have too many jellybeans before breakfast.
Smoke crack.
Stay angry.
Sleep upside down every night.
Make love under water for over three minutes.
Eat caterpillars while someone is watching.
Break the rules all the time.
Bend them never when it’s right.
Drink a huge cup of coffee at bedtime again and again.
Ignore your parents.
Forget to tell you mother you love her when hanging up the phone.
Be impressed by money.
Talk behind someone’s back in a bad way.
Put a firecracker in a frogs mouth.
Ice skate while drinking too much beer.
Pass the roses.
Stop singing Christmas carols and Happy Birthday.
Avoid paying taxes.
Give up.
Pour water in your father’s mouth while he sleeps in the hammock.
Let go of balloons unless they’re yours.
Inhale helium and talk if there’s a lot of serious people around.
Get old before your time.
Pass on chances to hold babies.
Try to catch Santa when he comes to your house.
Do all that other crazy stuff,
or you might end up like Me.