The Art of
Matthew A. McLellan

Stay Curious

  • Painted wood scraps and metal rods
  • Sculptural
  • 55 w x 41 h x 17 deep
  • 2006


Stay curious

Why not zag zigging?
Love more than you ever have, like you’ve never been hurt.
See what happens.
Throw caution into the wind
and listen to it whip around the
barn corner in the frigid north winter.
Go to a poor country, pick beans with the people and
teach the children magic tricks.
The one where the handkerchief disappears.
Research Mars and make sure it’s not where
we came from after the water froze.
Spin, jump and learn ballet.
Wear funny clothes, smile and leap leap leap.
Find ways around gravity.
Find shapes in the clouds when stuck in traffic,
let them take you somewhere.
Study the stuff in Grandma’s closet.
take something that won’t be missed and
keep it forever.
Drive the alleys, get lost.
Drive through a bad part of town at night and
risk it all.
Think of things that could make it better there for
just one person.
Lay in the tall grass meadow with cows and
talk to your God about future plans.
Write pen letters on old fashioned paper to
faithful friends you haven’t seen in years.
See what happens.
Drink a peppermint caramel banana milkshake and
zag zig your life like no ones done before
The world depends on it.